The Cricket CEO is the brainchild of Deepak Dhiman a true sportsman at heart and an accomplished badminton player from Chandigarh, India and an entrepreneur running a creative agency in Dubai.

Deepak achieved many laurels in the sport, having been State Champion of Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh states.

Having been an entrepreneur since 2004 providing branding, marketing and online solutions to his clients in Dubai, Deepak has always been wanting to reciprocate to sports for what it has given to him in his life.

Thanks to T10 Cricket League that takes place in the UAE, Deepak Dhiman got an opportunity to be the manage of Kerala Kings team. It was then that he found a huge gap in the industry and thought of connecting all the players from the sport, the entrepreneurs, academies, and the enthusiasts alike on one platform.

Hence this idea was born.

This portal has just been introduced and he wishes to take this online networking platform to a much higher level introducing new and innovative features that would allow entrepreneurs and players network with one another and do business.